Cannabis Can Improve Intimacy and Help You Take Sex to the Next Level

Whether through sex or through deep, personal understanding, cannabis comes in handy.

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The Muncheez Team
Published on
November 3, 2021
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In a world where true connection becomes more and more difficult to come by, many people are always on the lookout for ways to boost intimacy and connect more deeply with their partners. Whether through sex or through deep, personal understanding, cannabis comes in handy. Here’s everything you need to know about how cannabis can improve your sex life by making sex feel better and helping you find common ground and intimate moments with your partner.

How does cannabis improve your sex life?

How many old hippies have you seen enjoying their marriages late into their lives? The old sentiment is true: couples who smoke together stay together. THC creates a direct line to our innermost selves and opens all sorts of doors to our humanity. This deep understanding of self leads to a deep, meaningful understanding of others, especially when we consume cannabis together.

With that in mind, cannabis improves intimacy. It leads to comfort in various relationships and makes for more sentimental moments with one another, swinging wildly from explosive laughter to tender, intimate moments and the ability to have the hard conversations that all couples occasionally need to have comfortably. It makes it easier to find that common ground that leads to intimacy and love, understand and respect one another’s emotions, and bring people closer together.

Outside of a deeper emotional connection, most couples agree that cannabis plays a huge role in making the awkward parts of romance less awkward. It makes it easier to laugh things off or cry things out and helps us form that deep connection where we can see each other for who we are rather than feeling insecure and uncomfortable. This is especially true in a sexual sense, where insecurity with ourselves and our own mental clouds sometimes distract from the moments that matter.

In the bedroom, cannabis makes it easier to release our inhibitions and enjoy physical love more easily. Stepping outside of ourselves for a moment allows us to find it easier participating in things that may be uncomfortable to try without the freedom from self or the open-mindedness to explore. It opens up opportunities to explore our sexualities together, communicate physical desires and create a dynamic sexual environment that also feels safe and emotionally secure.

If you’ve ever had sex while high, you can probably agree that it just makes sex feel better, too. The cannabinoids in cannabis relieve stress in the mind as well as the body, soothing aches and pains and relaxing tension and muscles. It makes your skin feel more sensitive to the touch and relaxes your body, making it easier to reach climax. The physical sensation coupled with the mental effects makes sex feel more tantric, loving and involved when you add cannabis to the mix.

Ultimately, cannabis improves your sex life by speaking to different parts of emotional intimacy. It relaxes the mind and the body and helps us connect more deeply with our partners and ourselves, making way for love, safety, sexual exploration, and mutual gratification.

3 ways to use cannabis to improve your sex life

If you’re looking to use cannabis to improve your sex life, there are a few ways you can go about it. Each one affects the mind and body in different ways and breeds intimacy. Here are a few of the best ways to use cannabis to take sex with your partner to the next level.

:: 1 :: Choose a hybrid strain

A great way to get the fire started is to smoke cannabis flowers. If you and your partner already smoke together, you’ll already have a good idea of which strains work for you. However, lots of strains are worth exploring. Hybrids like Gelato or Blue Dream are a good choice for both energy and physical relaxation. However, each strain offers different effects based on its terpene content. The best terpenes for sex include Limonene and Linalool for their relaxing physical effects and uplifting and energizing mental effects. However, If you have pain during sex, you can use strains rich in Myrcene and B-caryophyllene to help you feel more aroused and pain-free. A combination of any of these terpenes is a great choice for having comfortable and enjoyable sex.

:: 2 :: Try edibles

Sometimes the high from smoking can be a little much at first, as the influx of cannabinoids can cause a bit of anxiety for the first few minutes, especially in newbie smokers. Edibles take about 45 minutes to kick in and start off rather gently, so you can make it through your date and initiate intimacy before they fully kick in. When people think about aphrodisiacs, they think of dark chocolate and red wine. As it turns out, THC is one and the same in the way it alters our chemistry. Edibles made with strawberries, watermelons, pomegranate, almonds, figs, or Tongkat Ali are natural aphrodisiacs that make you feel more aroused and last longer in the sack when taken with THC.

:: 3 :: Use topicals

Topical cannabis infusions are a great way to improve sexual intimacy and arousal without the high. Topicals are absorbed through the skin can deeply relax the muscles within the bodies of both men and women without sacrificing performance. THC-infused lubricants are a great way to help relax and make the body more sensitive and welcoming to touch and can help with arousal and getting things started, especially for people who experience pain during sex. However, topicals can also improve intimacy and desire before the act. Try a THC-infused bath bomb with your partner or massage them with cannabinoid-infused massage oil to take that whole-body relaxation a step further.

All in all, sex and cannabis go hand in hand. If you’re looking to share a unique constellation of feelings with your partner, free yourself from pain, and explore new avenues of intimacy and personal love, cannabis is one of the best ways to spice things up in the bedroom and help you feel more connected to your lover.


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