Food Can Amplify Your High! Try These 5 Foods The Next Time The Muncheez Hit

Here’s a scientific breakdown of why we get the munchies as well as a list of foods you should have on hand to amplify your high and satisfy your cravings.

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The Muncheez Team
Published on
November 8, 2021
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Cannabis and the munchies go hand in hand. We’ve all settled into the couch after a smoke sesh at one time or another and felt that insatiable appetite take hold. While snack foods and takeout can lose their charm after a while, there are a few staples that should be found in every stoner kitchen. Here’s a scientific breakdown of why we get the munchies as well as a list of foods you should have on hand to amplify your high and satisfy your cravings.

What causes the munchies?

The munchies is one of the most common side effects of cannabis and is one of the main reasons that it’s used so widely in medical marijuana patients who suffer from a lack of appetite. It has the unique ability to trigger an appetite by soothing stress and nausea.

However, it goes a little deeper than that. Most foods actually taste better when we smoke weed thanks to its direct effects on the endocannabinoid receptors found in our brain’s olfactory bulbs. Cannabis improves perceptions of smells and tastes and can amplify little nuances in different scents and flavors.

Eating food on its own releases dopamine and the pleasure/reward system found in another part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens. THC can also interact with the receptors there, triggering a higher release of dopamine when you eat than it normally would with no THC present.

But the munchies is also caused by the release of hormones. When you smoke weed, your brain interferes with similar receptors found in the hypothalamus that are responsible for releasing the hormones that make you feel hungry. THC was found to help this portion of the brain release ghrelin hormones that make you feel physically starved of food even when you’re not.

At the end of the day, THC alters your perception of scent and flavors and makes eating feel more pleasurable. It also stimulates your appetite and makes you feel physically hungry. Luckily, it also speeds up our metabolism, which is why overweight stoners are hard to come by.

Which strains cause the munchies?

The best strains for improving appetite are usually rich in THC or CBN, so you’re looking primarily at indicas. However, terpenes, the natural chemical compounds that give all plants scents and flavors, also play a big role in how a strain will affect you. Strains rich in Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, and Limonene are good for the munchies thanks to their relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties as well as the way they bind to the receptors in our endocannabinoid systems. Alternatively, if you’re looking to avoid the munchies, stick to strains that are high in THC-v. This version of THC is more cerebral, or more centralized in the mind, so it’s more commonly associated with sativa strains

5 Foods To Eat To Boost Your High When The Munchies Hit

While cannabis causes the munchies, it can also improve your high. As we mentioned briefly in the last section, terpenes also play a vital role in how cannabis affects our highs. Terpenes and cannabinoids work in synergy to boost each other’s effects in a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. With that said, terpenes can make THC feel stronger. If you’re looking to improve your high while you eat, try these 5 go-to stoner staples. Just remember to stay hydrated, and drink something sweet to combat the cottonmouth!

:: 1 :: Mangoes and Citrus Fruits

A quick, easy go-to snack is fresh fruit. There are lots of terpenes and natural sugars in fresh fruits that are great for amplifying a high. However, mangoes and other citrus fruits are also rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps speed up the way our bodies process THC and its absorption rate in the bloodstream, ultimately intensifying and amplifying your high. The terpenes found in cannabis are also found in high concentrations in citrus and mangoes, so they can boost the effects of THC simply by being there. If you’re not feeling like eating a whole fruit, you can drink some juice! Mango, orange, and peach juice or lemonade can also boost your high with the added benefit of curing that cottonmouth.

Breakfast Cereal 
Breakfast cereal is a quick, easy snack that beats cottonmouth with its sugary sweetness. It also has a satisfying crunch, making it another stoner staple. If you like healthy breakfast cereals with dried fruits, you’ll enjoy added vitamins and minerals that can make a high feel stronger. Yogurts, fruits, and nuts all intensify THC thanks to the way our bodies break down simple sugars and proteins. Even if you don’t go the healthy route, breakfast cereals are full of artificial flavors made with terpenes and sugars which can amplify the effects of THC thanks to the entourage effect.

:: 2 :: Pizza

People are naturally drawn to certain food groups thanks to brain chemistry. One thing everyone seems to crave now and then is pizza since it’s sweet, fatty, and complex. We’re naturally attracted to the sweetness of the sauce, the fat in the cheese, and the complex richness of the meat itself. The tomato-based sauce is rich in terpenes that can amplify a cannabis high. It’s also typically seasoned with fresh herbs that are full of terpenes. Further, each topping on a pizza contains an amino acid called glutamate which triggers our pleasure/reward centers and causes our mouths to water when anticipating a bite of tasty food.

:: 3 :: Crunchy Salads

The satisfying crunch of leafy greens and toppings like radishes, carrots, and cherry tomatoes gives the mouth something to enjoy, which is important when you’re high. However, crunchy vegetables and leafy greens are full of vitamins, minerals, and terpenes that can amplify your high and speed up your absorption rate the same way citrus fruits can. These veggies are also great for the body as a whole, helping you to lower cholesterol, reduce free radicals, improve digestion, and act as an antioxidant while pumping good oxygen to your cells. They’re a much healthier alternative to crunchy snack foods like potato chips that are more fatty and processed, so they’re easier on your body and make your high feel better.

:: 4 :: Chocolate

Last but not least, we have chocolate, which is excellent if you find yourself having a sweet tooth after the fact. In addition to fruits and vegetables, chocolate is actually one of the best options on this list for boosting your high. Chocolate contains anandamide, the feel-good molecule that occurs naturally in our brains. Not a lot of things in nature produce anandamide, but THC naturally mimics it which is why cannabis isn’t addictive. Chocolates make the anandamide in your brain stick around for longer and triggers a similar response when eaten with cannabis. One study found that letting the chocolate melt in your mouth increases brain activity and heart rate, matching passionate kisses with effects lasting up to 4 times longer. Best of all, if you go with dark chocolate, you’ll also enjoy some antioxidants.

While these are the best foods for amplifying your high, trust your gut when the munchies hit. Sometimes candy and chips sound way better than a salad, and that’s okay— you’re human! Stay hydrated, eat a snack, and enjoy.


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