Top 5 Vegetarian Stoner Foods

Vegetarian and feeling the munchies coming on? Luckily, there are many meatless options available for delicious stoner foods for all the vegans and vegetarians out

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April 12, 2022
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Vegetarian and feeling the munchies coming on? Luckily, there are many meatless options available for delicious stoner foods for all the vegans and vegetarians out there. Below are our top picks and a few reasons we think you'll love them.

Why do we get the munchies?

As cannabis connoisseurs and lovers, we're all pretty familiar with the munchies. That insatiable hunger kicks in after a good sesh, and by the time it hits you, you've already been melting into the couch for an hour or two— and who wants to prepare a meal after that?

Getting the munchies is one of the best-known side effects of weed— hence all of the potential benefits of using it against a lack of appetite or nausea in medical marijuana patients.

But science has explored a few reasons that weed gives us the munchies. A European study on rats found that THC slides into the receptors in our brain's olfactory bulb, which increases our ability to smell and taste things more acutely. It also interacts with the nucleus accumbens, which triggers dopamine release and makes it more enjoyable to eat when you're under the influence.

However, the most exciting interaction is that THC releases Ghrelin. Ghrelin is responsible for making you feel hungry. When THC triggers the release of Ghrelin, it makes your body feel physically started of food even if you're not.

Ultimately, THC makes food smell and taste better and physically makes you feel hungry. It can also make eating more pleasurable and stimulate an appetite, so there's a good chance you'll get the munchies after a smoke sesh.

What kinds of food do we crave when we're high?

Thanks to our brain chemistry, humans are naturally drawn to fatty, sweet, and complex foods. Many starches, fats, and sugars contain glutamate, an amino acid that triggers our pleasure centers. Glutamate is also responsible for causing our mouths to water in anticipation of delicious food. But between this effect and THC, we tend to get cravings for snack foods when we're high. Crunchy stuff, dips, and sweets are common munchy foods, but those too can be healthy.

Top 5 Vegan / Vegetarian Stoner Foods

Are you feeling hungry yet? Here's a list of our top 5 favorite vegan and vegetarian munchies that you should keep on hand for when hunger hits. Remember to stay hydrated and drink something sugary and sweet to combat that cottonmouth.

1. Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

This is one of the most complex and satisfying options out there for vegan and vegetarian munchies. Replace chicken with cauliflower, and you can batter and fry it before tossing it in your favorite buffalo, barbeque, or wing sauce. Each of these ingredients contains glutamate, which can make the act of eating feel more satisfying. More importantly, the spice can trigger your brain into releasing more endorphins and dopamine, which can amplify the euphoric effects of your weed. While it isn't the healthiest choice, it's still plant-based and diet-friendly, and it's sure to cure your hunger.

2. Breakfast Cereal

A vegetarian stoner staple includes breakfast cereals. They're sweet and tasty, and they also offer that satisfying crunch. If you go with a healthy breakfast cereal that includes dried fruits, you'll find yourself enjoying vitamins and minerals that can help amplify your high, as well as a good dose of terpenes that can boost the effects of THC thanks to the entourage effect. Anything that includes yogurt, fruit, or nuts can help boost your high, thanks to how our body breaks down these simple sugars and proteins. Luckily, you can use plant-based milk and yogurt to make breakfast cereal a vegan treat.

3. Plant-Based Nuggies and Fries

If you're looking for something quick and easy to get you through in a pinch, opt for plant-based chick'n nuggets and fries. You can find them at practically every grocery store now, but like the cauliflower wings, they're also complex, making the body happy. They can also be tossed or dipped into your favorite sauces and feature a satisfying crunch. While they're not the most nutritious option, they tend to be more filling, boosting the euphoric effects of your weed.

4. Mango and Citrus

Citrus is delicious on its own, but did you know that vitamin C amplifies cannabis highs? Vitamin C helps speed up the process that THC hits your bloodstream, causing your high to feel more intense at first. Further, terpenes found in mangos and citrus fruits are also abundant in cannabis strains. Terpenes like myrcene and limonene can boost the effects of THC and make your high last longer and feel stronger. Best of all, all you need is the juice. Mango, orange, and peach juice or lemonade can kill cottonmouth while also boosting your high.

5. Leafy Green Salads

There are several benefits to munching on carrots, celery, leafy greens, and salads when you're high outside of a satisfying crunch that gives your mouth something to enjoy. For one thing, the terpene content can amplify your high in the same way citrus will. Additionally, these veggies can help clear your blood and get good oxygen through the body. They're a healthier alternative to processed fatty foods with a satisfying crunch, like chips or pretzels.

Which products are best for getting or inhibiting the munchies?

If you struggle with a lack of appetite or you're just looking to get that stomach ready for a feast, you'll find that indica strains are better for giving you a case of the munchies. However, if you want to avoid a case of the munchies, look for strains that are high in THC-v. This version of THC tends to be more cerebral in nature and less physical.

Ultimately, if you're looking for some healthier munchies that can improve the effects of your favorite cannabis strains, be sure to try these top 5 recommended vegan and vegetarian stoner foods for when the munchies hit. Don't get us wrong, though— sometimes chips, cookies, and candy blatantly sound better. Go with your gut, stick to your dietary needs, stay hydrated, and enjoy yourselves.


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